Decahedron: Disconnection_Imminent
Decahedron: Disconnection_Imminent
Artist Decahedron
Album Disconnection_Imminent
Label Lovitt Records
Released 4/19/2004
"Disconnection_Imminent" is an extension of ideas hinted at in Decahedron's first CDep. With more bravado, the album is kinetic but measured. As an unconscious reaction to overt falsity and the current stream of commerce, Decahedron lashes out to create a political record that lacks neither intelligence nor passion. Lally's trademark sinewy bass lines and Hamacher's lockstep drumming are the perfect foil for Cinca's taut guitar work. Decahedron combines sharp invective and blistering ferocity to produce one of the most memorable full-length debuts in recent memory.