Blood Brothers, The: This Adultery Is Ripe
Blood Brothers, The: This Adultery Is Ripe
Artist Blood Brothers, The
Album This Adultery Is Ripe
Label Second Nature Recordings
Released 3/31/2004
Few bands are striving to bring back a sense of urgency and danger to punk rock'n'roll, however, the Blood Brothers are on a mission to save rock from its self-imposed mainstream stagnation. Featuring members of Waxwing, Sharks Keep Moving, the Vogue and Vade, This Adultery is Ripe shares similar allegiances to the spastic howl and crash of the Jesus Lizard, or the frantic contortions of vintage Blues Explosion, but The Blood Brothers have their own take on redemption. Two vocalists battle for mic supremacy, trading screams, screeches, spoken segments and "yeahs" while guitars wail, build and crash as the drums flail and the palpable exuberance of this disc strains against the constraints of its circular plastic prison. Noise rock, indie rock, punk rock, above all it rocks with a voracity found wanting in the majority of rock music. At a lean, mean ten songs in just under 22 minutes, This Adultery Is Ripe's spastic sucker-punch doesn't mess around, can we get an "amen!"