Sybarite: Nonument
Sybarite: Nonument
Artist Sybarite
Album Nonument
Label 4AD
Released 9/10/2002
Inspired by architecture (‘Renzo Piano’) and modern art (‘Unica Zurn’) as much as by music, Nonument offers a cinematic sweep even while it concentrates the listener's attention on the smallest shard of detail. It's deeply melodic despite its many structural shifts and subtleties. And it's never static, never merely circular - throughout, there's wonderful sense of inexorable foward motion. Prior to this release, Xian has released 7” singles over the last couple of years on the Emanate, Zealectronic and Static Caravan labels (the best of which were compiled on the Placement Issues album of last year) so Nonument is, as good as, Xian’s first full album release. He also composed the soundtrack to the film Kill Me Tomorrow, which was released in 2000 on Temporary Residence under the title, musicf rfilm.