Matt Elliot: The Mess We Made
Matt Elliot: The Mess We Made
Artist Matt Elliot
Album The Mess We Made
Label Merge Records
Released 5/6/2003
In the worst times, you can't always rely on human friends. In those unhappy and even tragic times, you may well be unsure who to turn to. For these lost and crazy days, we all need a little help, an unjudgemental shoulder to cry on. It’s for situations like these that The Mess We Made - a musical companion - was born. Humans may be untrustworthy and uncaring, but music can always be relied upon and The Mess We Made is here to help you through these sad and uncertain times. There is at least one song for every stage of the natural grieving process. Friends may come and go but 'The Mess' will be here for as long as you need it. Whatever your loss, 'The Mess...' is here to help pick up the pieces - talk with it, laugh with it and of course, cry with it. You might not be sure what‘s happening out there - the world can be a cold and unwelcoming place - but 'The Mess' is here to tell you "You're not alone my friend!"