Pinhead Gunpowder: Compulsive Disclosure
Pinhead Gunpowder: Compulsive Disclosure
Artist Pinhead Gunpowder
Album Compulsive Disclosure
Label Lookout Records
Released 10/21/2003
Billie Joe, Aaron, Jason, and Bill are PINHEAD GUNPOWDER and have been at it long enough to outlive their individual pedigrees. For those of you who don't know, this band consists of members of GREEN DAY, CRIMPSHRINE, MONSULA and THE INFLUENTS. PINHEAD GUNPOWDER was named after a highly caffeinated tea, and these nine songs live up to the frantic vibrance of the band's namesake. The band formed in 1991 and while all of its members are busy with other bands and projects - Aaron also writes and published the acclaimed Cometbus Fanzine - these good friends continue to come together to make incredibly catchy and edgy melodic punk rock. Compulsive Disclosure is the newest batch of Pinhead Gunpowder music and comes packaged with striking distinctive art by Aaron. Their last release on Lookout! was 2000's vinyl-only seven inch 8 Chords & 328 Words. Pinhead may not tour or play much but Lookout! has sold lots of their records and their popularity in the punk scene is unwavering due in large part to the distinctive music they and also the un-hyped, down to earth way the band operates. A Pinhead Gunpowder record or show is always a treat because it exists for the right reasons.