Evening: Other Victorians
Evening: Other Victorians
Artist Evening
Album Other Victorians
Label Lookout Records
Released 2/24/2004
EVENING are an incredible treasure from San Francisco. Their debut album "OTHER VICTORIANS" is a complete masterpiece and unlike anything heard on Lookout! before. They are a band that defies genre. Their music works on many levels - rock, electronic, dance, punk all united by their intense energy and brilliant musicianship. Musical references to groups such as Radiohead and Pink Floyd are not unfounded and they are certainly contemporaries of such current bands as Interpol, Enon, Blonde Redhead among others. Their music is both challenging in its craft and completely accessible through its melody. "OTHER VICTORIANS" was recorded with Alex Newport (At The Drive-In, The Pattern, The Locust, Melvins), and by the band itself.