Ilya: Poise Is The Greater Architect
Ilya: Poise Is The Greater Architect
Artist Ilya
Album Poise Is The Greater Architect
Label Second Nature Recordings
Released 6/17/2003
Emerging out of the vibrant San Diego underground, ILYA creates languishing and soothing musical textures that tap into the subconscious stream of thought. ILYA's full-length debut for Second Nature Recordings conveys a provocative blend of sounds and styles that are quiet and haunting one moment, a wall of sound and explosive percussion the next. Combining elements of PORTISHEAD, MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION and MASSIVE ATTACK, with caressing vocals reminiscent both of BJORK's breathlessness and FIONA APPLE's poetic beauty, resulting in an elegant tapestry of trip-hop, atmospheric rock, electronica, and ambient jazz.