Peaches: Fatherfucker
Peaches: Fatherfucker
Artist Peaches
Album Fatherfucker
Label XL Recordings
Released 9/23/2003
Yes, it is true that the Canadian-born, Berlin-based artist likes to sing about sex. It is also true that her combination of deliciously minimalist electronic beats and power-chord stadium rock fuse together to make music that is sincerely unlike anything else you'll hear on the planet. (That's not hyping bio bullshit — that is the straight-up truth.) The biggest truth of all is that Peaches' newest disc shows itself to be the most blistering music she's made yet. You want proof? The record's opener, "I Don't Give A…" — built around and inspired by Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" — will charm your ass into oblivion in the first ten seconds alone.