Frank Black: Svn Fngrs
Frank Black: Svn Fngrs
Artist Frank Black
Album Svn Fngrs
Label Cooking Vinyl
Released 4/30/2008

Black Francis’ Svn Fngrs was released on April 11th via Cooking Vinyl Records. The mini-LP contains seven tracks, clocking in around 20 minutes. It was written, recorded and mixed in six days, and on The band for the session included Black Francis on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Jason Carter on drums, and Violet Clark on bass. Jason Carter produced the session.

“The Seus”, the lead track off the release, is explained by Francis, “If you remove the space between the two words then you’ll have the source of the inspiration, which is Theseus and this song chronicles his travels as a young man from his home to Athens where his father is. He’s come to claim his rightful place next to his father so he has to pass by the six entryways to the netherworld and he has to fight all these thieves, I didn’t get to hit all six entries though, because I ran out of time!”