Pedro: You, Me & Everyone
Pedro: You, Me & Everyone
Artist Pedro
Album You, Me & Everyone
Label Mush Records
Released 11/6/2007
Fresh off the triumph of Mush’s 2006 re-release of his self-titled debut (where he took the 2003 Melodic version back to the studio for a sonic overhaul), London’s mighty Pedro returns with You, Me & Everyone. While comparisons to artists like Four Tet and Minotaur Shock have been natural on his past releases, Pedro approaches this latest set of compositions in a way that continues to establish his unique take on folk and jazz based electronica. Free-jazz horn blasts ring out with new vigor, drums hit a bit harder, and Pedro continues to forge new elements into his song craft, even raising the ghosts of Liquid Liquid and A Certain Ratio on a track or two. Me, You & Everyone will surely be the album that secures Pedro a position among the game’s elite.