Features, The: The Beginning
Features, The: The Beginning
Artist Features, The
Album The Beginning
Label Fierce Panda
Released 3/16/2004
The Features’ The Beginning EP was released in the UK in fall of 2003 on stalwart indie label, Fierce Panda (who released the first Coldplay single, as well as music from Supergrass, Keane, The Faint, Polyphonic Spree, and Death Cab for Cutie). The Features are finally set to bring The Beginning to the US. The Features have been playing extensively throughout the States for the last couple of years to elated crowds. Their live show is non-stop high energy — lead singer, Matt Pelham, uncontrollably throws himself into drum sets and guitar amps. The dichotomy of his blasé, yet arresting presence, combined with his unique vocal style makes for a show seldom seen in today's music world.