Stars Like Fleas: Sun Lights Down On The Fence
Stars Like Fleas: Sun Lights Down On The Fence
Artist Stars Like Fleas
Album Sun Lights Down On The Fence
Label Praemedia
Released 11/10/2003
On Monday, November 10, San Francisco label Praemedia finally and quietly released the second record (completed early 2002) by Brooklyn-based ‘avant-electro-folk-improv-whatever’ recording project, Stars Like Fleas, "sun lights down on the fence". This recording, nearly two years in the making, includes members/ex-members of OutHud, Other Dimensions in Music, TEST, No Neck Blues Band, Papa M, Gold Sparkle Band, Little Huey Orchestra, At The Drive-In, Fiery Furnaces, The Silent League, and Mercury Rev, and features original cover art by Marcel Dzama. "This is organic sounding music with a sound and coherent logic, yet cleanly avoids sounding like either an exercise in conceptual interrogation, or mere...fusion; these are 'damaged blues for the post-everything castaways, torch songs for a newly scorched city. The songs are lyrical & romantically confused, confrontationally beautiful, syntactically fucked; they demand attention and encourage drift'. Sad bassoons, happy robots, clouds of pink noise, stuttering auctioneers promoting body-modification while playing Webern etudes on the pedal steel, hoarse little rock stars with five string banjos on the dance floor, dancing electro-nasty with Werner Herzog and a brass band, a chorus of bleeding, coked-up cicadas, humming in tune with the primordial drone."