Bad Brains: Build a Nation
Bad Brains: Build a Nation
Artist Bad Brains
Album Build a Nation
Label Mega Force Records
Released 6/25/2007
Mention the name Bad Brains to anyone today and you will likely get an eye-opening and overwhelmingly positive response. Considered by some to be the "holy grail" of punk rock, Bad Brains have a pure and quintessential attitude that most artists only aspire to achieve -- they are simply one of the most important and influential American bands still working today. Like all great bands, light bulbs go off and charisma enters a room just by the band merely standing in it. For the Bad Brains, they go one step further and supply the electricity to charisma. Sometimes reactionary, but always volatile, Bad Brains are one of the definitive punk groups who garner the same respect as the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, The Clash and The Ramones. Known for their over-the-top live performances, the band melded punk and reggae into an innovative style that has yet to be copied. Their impact can be felt in many musical circles and the Brains today have impacted virtually every punk band working the airwaves. Although the band released only a handful of records during their lifetime, they are now musical icons that remain humble.