Oranges Band, The: All Around
Oranges Band, The: All Around
Artist Oranges Band, The
Album All Around
Label Lookout Records
Released 4/15/2004
"All Around," the debut album from Baltimore, MD's THE ORANGES BAND showcases everything we love about THE ORANGES BAND -- forceful crooning vocals, jangly and layered guitars, lush harmonies, rocking drums, and unconventional yet catchy songs. Last fall, Lookout! Released the "ON TV" CDEP from T.O.B. as a way to introduce them to our world. The response was incredible, and soon after completing their fall tour supporting SPOON, they went into the studio in Michigan with Juan Carrera (WARMERS, SKULL CONTROL and many others) to produce "All Around." The result is a twelve song delight filled with emotion, melody, and edge. The Oranges Band cites influences as varied as Guided By Voices, Elvis Costello, Brian Eno, Television and Velvet Underground in the creation of their sound. The undeniable pop hooks and soaring multiple guitars also evoke 60's girl-group pop and mod bands like The Jam and Joe Jackson. But the voice is the thing with The Oranges Band, and the new downtown rock pop sound is but a background to the fireworks that detonate when Roman opens his mouth and sings. The now full-time Oranges Band line-up is set to hit the road in the U.S. starting in March and ending no time in the near future. Confirming dates with the likes of Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and the Natural History in March, they embark on their headlining tour of the U.S. in April and May. The Oranges Band are all around.