Chemical Brothers, The: We Are the Night
Chemical Brothers, The: We Are the Night
Artist Chemical Brothers, The
Album We Are the Night
Label Astralwerks
Released 7/17/2007
After five albums, we know what to expect from a Chemical Brothers record. And Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons know how best to make them. “We’ve very much found our way of working,” says Tom. “And that’s having our own studio and experimenting for months and months, then collaborating with people when we have something that excites us. We still get a lot of enjoyment out of going into the studio. We still see it as a wondrous place where something magical can happen.”

It’s the collaborations that often get the attention, and from Noel Gallagher, Bernard Sumner and Bobby Gillespie to Schooly D, k-os and Q-Tip, they’ve always been chosen not for their celebrity but because their voice, words or attitude will add what the tracks require. But it’s the months of experimentation beforehand that creates the basis of each new record, and has kept the sound fresh.