Tarwater: Spider Smile
Tarwater: Spider Smile
Artist Tarwater
Album Spider Smile
Label Morr Music
Released 5/8/2007
It's the sound, not the song. At least at the beginning. Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok sit in their recording studio located in the heart of their city and turn the knobs, press the buttons, shift the regulators. Until they find a sound, until a sound finds its way to them. A rhythm, a melody, a noise. "Then, we slowly write the song afterwards."

For Spider Smile, Tarwater have found astonishing decided pop songs – as indicated already by their debut The Needle Was Traveling(2005) on Morr Music. They, the electro duo, each of them with his roots in East-Berlin's sub culture and avant-garde. Their songs being full of allusions and references shall encourage the listener to link his/her own stories with the ones by Tarwater.