Andy Partridge: Monstrance
Andy Partridge: Monstrance
Artist Andy Partridge
Album Monstrance
Label Ape
Released 4/3/2007
Over a year ago, XTC founder/guitarist Andy Partridge, original XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Barker (longtime bandmate of Barry’s in Shriekback) began to discuss convening as a trio to make improvisational music under the name "Monstrance". These three finally got together to record live for three days amassing nearly eight hours of material which was subsequently sorted and mixed by Future Sound Of London guitarist Stuart Rowe and engineer Merv Carswell yielding Monstrance’s self-titled debut, a two disc set of overdub/edit-free music.
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Andy Partridge
song:I Lovely Cosmonaut
album:Monstrance (Ape)
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Andy Partridge
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