The Go Find: Stars on the Wall
The Go Find: Stars on the Wall
Artist The Go Find
Album Stars on the Wall
Label Morr Music
Released 4/24/2007
When Dieter Sermeus set out to write a follow-up for his 2004 The Go-Find debut Miami, he felt he wanted to move away from solitary song-writing and recording, and involved his live band from a very early stage. Together, they crafted a collection of (quote) “good-sounding danceable pop tunes” in a studio in his Antwerp home-town, which provided a warm and friendly environment, full of ancient keyboards and rare Moogs. The crisp electronic sounds which adorned most of the Miami tracks have all but disappeared: the new songs sound softer and often more sparse than the ones on Miami, with bass and drums painting twinkling constellations onto the night sky. With their precisely-placed rhytms and transparent sound, they feel instantly familiar but upon repeated listening, a wealth of exquisite details and infectious melodies is gradually revealed.
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The Go Find
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The Go Find
album:Stars on the Wall (Morr Music)
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