Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
Artist Meow Meow
Album Snow Gas Bones
Label Devil In The Woods
Released 5/4/2004
With an emphasis on ambient loops, warped Beach Boys' harmonies, and guitarist Kirk Hellie's assortment of effects-laden solos, it would not be a stretch to call "Snow Gas Bones" an experimental record -- informed as much by shoegaze heroes like Ride and My Bloody Valentine as it is by more obscure Japanese noise purveyors like Merzbow. Yet despite its obvious experimental ambitions and pretensions, the album's main focus and most invinting material is the warm pop-oriented songs that counterbalance the random bursts of abstract noise to perfection. The formula reaches its zenith on "Sick Fixation," which marries the Beach Boys' sun-drenched harmonies to Hellie's heavily processed guitar static.