French Kicks: Two Thousand
French Kicks: Two Thousand
Artist French Kicks
Album Two Thousand
Label Startime International Records
Released 7/18/2006
French Kicks are obsessed with possibility. For this band experimentation and self-discovery are the whole game, and the results of their continued explorations have set them in a category all their own, and earned them a dedicated audience. From the time they began as a raucous four piece with a singing drummer, to the more refined, intricate and subtle experimental pop band they are today, French Kicks have taken that experimentation always further, consistently trying to surprise and surpass themselves with each new chapter. Two Thousand, the bold newest installment in the story, offers a rare collection of thrills and intrigues, composed of sounds both foreign and familiar. Each song offers its own logic and its own rewards: masterfully crafted arrangements that are fun to listen to, but never obvious, with lyrics that resonate with truth while still being open and suggestive.