Meat Beat Manifesto: ...In Dub
Meat Beat Manifesto: ...In Dub
Artist Meat Beat Manifesto
Album ...In Dub
Label Lakeshore Records
Released 3/2/2004
Meat Beat Manifesto again breaks the mold with their latest project ...In Dub. Releasing on two distinct formats, CD and 5.1 Surround Sound DVD, ...In Dub's tracks developed concurrently with its original visual vignettes.

Recognized as one of Electronic music's prime audio pioneers, Meat Beat Manifesto mastermind Jack Dangers raises the bar with ...In Dub. Taking some of its cues from last year's R.U.O.K.?, ...In Dub transports the music into a parallel world gone dub, arriving at something entirely different yet still built on solid sonic footing. Five songs feature the one-take toasting talents of DJ Collage on the microphone, linking this ultra-modern music back to its Jamaican roots to express a unique continuum. The CD also features four new tracks and an alternate version for a full dose of shattering electro-dub.

Adding a deeper dimension to the musical experience is the 5.1 Surround Sound DVD version of the album. On ...In Dub 5.1 Surround, what originally began as a 5.1 mix of R.U.O.K.? has since morphed into an all new album conceived for 5.1 technology. Dub emerged as the voice and vehicle for the music, while Jack recruited good friend (and Tino Corp partner,) acclaimed video director Ben Stokes (DJ Shadow, Public Enemy, De La Soul, The Orb) to visually interpret the album. Jack Dangers controls the joystick on six channels of sound to juggle, pitch, and place against the motion graphics backdrop by Stokes. Their combined talents create a dramatic sensory experience that home theaters were created for. Jack invokes true soundclashing sorcery within this wholly new medium and space-busting technology. The end result: sound unleashed and the listener placed at the heart of Meat Beat Manifesto music as never before possible.