Radioinactive: Soundtrack to a Book
Radioinactive: Soundtrack to a Book
Artist Radioinactive
Album Soundtrack to a Book
Label Stranger Touch Records
Released 5/16/2006
With his third solo release Soundtrack to a Book, Radioinactive has melded the glitchy, lo-fi sensibilities of his underground LA hip hop pedigree with the aggressive analog production techniques of your big sister's favorite arena rock. The resulting tracks leap out of the speakers and grab your ears by the collar with a delightful combination of catchiness and play list staying power. If loop robots from the future decided to travel back in time to form a space rock band in 1973, their first album would sound a lot like Soundtrack to a Book.

The analog-powered riddims are the perfect complement to Radioinactive's rapid-fire images and meter-defying cadence. It's like a chain reaction where pop culture, the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and your girlfriend's ass collide in a kind of reactor core meltdown of the collective unconscious.