The Charlatans UK: Simpatico
The Charlatans UK: Simpatico
Artist The Charlatans UK
Album Simpatico
Label Sanctuary Records
Released 5/2/2006
Outlasting so many of their baggy peers (the only ones still around are Blur) The Charlatans UK are back with a new album Simpatico. The album finds the band returning to the sound that made them UK chart toppers and festival headliners for many years, proving once again that they are still a vital force. With his falsetto and Gram Parsons fixation sated, frontman Tim Burgess this time melds his indie yowl with a touch blue-eyed reggae.
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The Charlatans UK
song:Love Is Ending
album:Who We Touch (Cooking Vinyl)
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The Charlatans UK
song:Blackened Eyes
album:Simpatico (Sanctuary Records)
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