Weakling: Dead As Dreams
Weakling: Dead As Dreams
Artist Weakling
Album Dead As Dreams
Label tUMULt
Released 2/27/2004
As with the best music, Weakling transcends genre. In some ways, Dead As Dreams can be considered akin to the avantgarde, experimental creations of such diverse artists as the Swans, Skullflower, Steve Reich, Yoko Ono, Sonic Youth or Hermann Nitsch. The sounds are not obviously similar, but the effect can be. Imagine the hypnotic repetition of Terry Riley or the pummelling drone of H. Nitsch, performed by a death metal band. A suffocating soundscape of riffing and drone, subterranean satanic art rock that equals metal. Nihilistic, depressive, never-ending... yet triumphal. As ever evil triumphs. Note that the band name Weakling is of course not self-descriptive. Rather, it is an accusation. The finger is pointing at YOU. Bow down! Weakling!