Nightmares On Wax: In A Space Outta Sound
Nightmares On Wax: In A Space Outta Sound
Artist Nightmares On Wax
Album In A Space Outta Sound
Label Warp Records
Released 3/3/2006
A contemporary and varied album of many textures, and also a personal journey. On 'In A Space Outta Sound' the Nightmares seal of quality is evident; Infectious but simple rhythms, Quincy Jones-esque synth lines, the blues, and the fusion of relaxed dub and Balearic melodies, as well as Burru drumming on 'African Pirates' and a touch of Eastern harpsichord melody on 'Damn'. Of course, the other factor in George’s formula is the touch of glowing warmth that infects his music. As the Times newspaper once said, “George Evelyn is one of those people who can bottle sunshine”.