Elf Power: Back to the Web
Elf Power: Back to the Web
Artist Elf Power
Album Back to the Web
Label Rykodisc
Released 4/25/2006
Elf Power has returned with their seventh full length album, "Back to the Web", a darkly orchestrated folk rock masterpiece.

Back to the Web is a haunting, twisting journey, where 12 string acoustic guitars, violins and cellos weave strange and lovely melodies. From the soulful, melodic folk rock of the opening invitation, "Come Lie Down With Me (and Sing My Song)" to the heavy, psychedelic haze of the title track, to the stomping, T. Rex styled rock of "All the World is Waiting", the band sounds at their most inspired best. Glimpses of Bob Dylan's "Desire" or REM's "Chronic Town", can be seen, but as always Elf Power pays respect while simultaneously commanding it.