Sofa Surfers: Sofa Surfers
Sofa Surfers: Sofa Surfers
Artist Sofa Surfers
Album Sofa Surfers
Label Klein
Released 4/24/2005
Sparsely arranged for guitar, bass, and drums only, the album’s opening might well originate from some dynamic postrock band or, as Wolfgang Schlögl had envisaged the band during recording “like a hardcore band after the noise has abated“. Just when listeners have adapted their expectations to this exciting sonic environment, however, a shift occurs: quite suddenly a voice drifts in, shortly grating against the music, before it beautifully falls in tune with it. It is the voice of singer, dancer, and choreographer Mani Obeya who, after various adventures in London and New York, has recently alighted in Vienna. Not only does his voice lend the new album a soulful warmth, it also helps to give it a clear structure.