Baby Blak: Once You Go Blak
Baby Blak: Once You Go Blak
Artist Baby Blak
Album Once You Go Blak
Label BBE
Released 6/1/2003
After almost a decade of mashing it up as one- half of the renowned Philly duo, ILL Advised (alongside partner Mr. Lish - the pair made the pages of the VIBE History of Hip Hop book), Baby Blak steps out on his own with the release of his solo debut - Once You Go Blak on BBE.

Fans of the the label collaboration will remember Blak from DJ Jazzy Jeff's 2002's The Magnificent. On this long playing autobiography, Blak displays superlative lyricism, with dramatic beats supplied by a host of producers, readers of the BBE small print will have already met some of them. The final album is mixed by DJ Revolution.

This is a collection of 17 tales starting with his birth in a tough West Philly neighbourhood, Blak takes us on a journey through an urban hip hop landscape. The whole album is a high point, but along the way be sure to check out the 'big band hip hop' flavour on' Starvin' Artist, the 'reggae hip hop vibe' on Daddy Dearest and the 'Disco hip hop' of Firewater.

'If William Shakespeare grew up in the streets of West Philly, he still wouldn't hold a candle to my man. With an incredible command of the English language and lyricism so tight it should hold a patent, Once You Go Blak sets a delectable new hip hop standard. Far from jiggy yet refusing to be categorized as a member of the "slumber-underground," Blak reps the middle ground - a place where confidence, the hustle, politrix and independence reign'

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