Mudhoney: Under a Billion Suns
Mudhoney: Under a Billion Suns
Artist Mudhoney
Album Under a Billion Suns
Label Sub Pop Records
Released 3/7/2006
Under a Billion Suns is the band's new long-player and it's performed with the same amplified urgency of their previous work. While history has shown musicians to be a largely unreliable lot, Mudhoney has never swayed in its vision of making really loud rock music and this album is no exception. Produced with the help of three notable knobsters (Phil Ek, Johnny Sangster, Tucker Martine) and boasting a blaring horn section, Under a Billion Suns exposes a more snidely political-fueled side to our shaggy heroes, but one revealed through the invariables of the Mudhoney recipe: thick, soggy punk riffs and underrated guitar dynamics, psychedelic tangents and snot-nosed finger-pointing. It is loud, it is fierce, and it is here for our world right now. Lucky for us, so is Mudhoney.
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