DAT Politics: Wow Twist
DAT Politics: Wow Twist
Artist DAT Politics
Album Wow Twist
Label Chicks On Speed Records
Released 3/21/2006
Here they are again, the “living proof that expermiental music doesn’t have to have its head up its own arse” (Vice Magazine). And yes, with their third album for Chicks On Speed Records (and the sixth album in six years of existence) DAT Politics are more fun and excitement than ever. With “Wow Twist” they capture the pure raw euphoria of their live sets and confront pitched R´n`B, Punk, PowerPop-Glitch and Electronica with a tango to niceness - finally on their most song-oriented and fresh album to date.

The french laptop trio make their album sound mature and pop, without affecting their taste for the playfull electronic odyssees and obviously, the eleven titles of “Wow Twist” possess a new knack for perversely catchy hooks. This time, DAT Politics' joyous digital wonderment is often accompanied by the own vocals of band-members Claude Pailliot and Gaëtan Natan whose lyrics blend gorgeous rock chorus and sci-fi themes put on furious casiotones and other spinning rhythms. Jostling conventions DAT Politics succeeds with '”Wow Twist” to capture the best part of the wild euphoria contained in their renowned and remarkably energetic live shows.