Bobby Conn: The Homeland
Bobby Conn: The Homeland
Artist Bobby Conn
Album The Homeland
Label Thrill Jockey Records
Released 2/24/2004
Bobby Conn is back this time with a vengeance. The Homeland is first and foremost a rock record. Clad in glam attire, Mr. Conn, a consummate entertainer, pays homage to rock and roll’s excesses. Paradoxically Mr. Conn’s lyrics read like a Michael Moore letter. Lampooning the sacred cow of American values has always been a calling card of Conn. The Homeland continues Bobby’s long running commentary on consumerism as culture. However, Mr. Conn reserves his most acerbic mockery for George Dubya. Songs that you bang your head to, shake your fist to, performed by a man in pastel pleather and eye makeup seem to be incongruous with political commentary; however, Bobby Conn stands alone in his ability to seamlessly blend the two. He is an equal opportunity lambaster and does not spare himself from critique and mockery. So subtle is the melding of serious music and overblown performance, serious message and absurd claims; often people are unable to separate the man from the persona or the message from the humor. NME says, Bobby “filters the maddest excesses of ‘70’s rock glam and disco through the mind of a natural punk.”