Wooden Wand: Gipsy Freedom
Wooden Wand: Gipsy Freedom
Artist Wooden Wand
Album Gipsy Freedom
Label Kill Rock Stars
Released 2/21/2006
Gipsy Freedom is the sound of the band combining their influences more fluently than ever before. While past releases saw the band's avant folk dosed somewhat conservatively with the blues, free jazz, heavy psych and metal, Gipsy Freedom brings these other, non-folk elements to the fore and generally turns the volume up. Compensating for the relative dearth of wooden instruments this time around is guest star Daniel Carter, who positively levitates the two tracks he plays on. Make no mistake – Gipsy Freedom may separate the true fans from the fickle. It is both the band's most confounding and rewarding release, perhaps the first release on which each member's distinct personality is represented completely and evenly.