Magnet: Tourniquet
Magnet: Tourniquet
Artist Magnet
Album Tourniquet
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Released 2/6/2006
Even Johansen, aka Magnet, is storming the US this year with his followup to award-winning On Your Side, The Tourniquet. While plaudits, pundits, music lovers and human beings in general found solace and comfort in the trademark Magnet melancholica of his past efforts, The Tourniquet is not so much a record soaked in optimism, but one reborn in it. First single "Hold On" opens The Tourniquet with searing anthemic invigoration…“You’re not alone,” croons the Magnet, re-inviting you on a warm and aspirational journey into music, just like The Beach Boys, Nilsson, The Beatles and other classic artists did so well.