Tom Heyman: Deliver Me
Tom Heyman: Deliver Me
Artist Tom Heyman
Album Deliver Me
Label Jackpine Social Club
Released 11/1/2005
Heyman's music has always resisted neat categories and Deliver Me is no different, as it effortlessly mixes folk-rock, country, blues, swampy Southern R&B and urban rock 'n' roll with an understated confidence.

Deliver Me begins as it ends, with a tone of redemption and hope, but in between it pulls the listener under. From the narcoleptic paranoia of "Monkey Out Of Me", and the bitter longing and nostalgia of "Fool for You", to the title track, a parable of pre-21st century celebrity - a song as gritty and achingly sad as the life it portrays - Heyman's characters are people who get what they deserve, in a world where feeling better seems always just out of reach.