His Name Is Alive: Detrola
His Name Is Alive: Detrola
Artist His Name Is Alive
Album Detrola
Label Silver Mountain Media Group
Released 1/24/2006
His Name Is Alive is a band that is constantly redefining itself and its sonic standards. Detrola is louder, stranger, sexier, weirder, more complicated, more suggestive, and even more violent than could be expected from HNIA. In many ways, this album reminds us of the records Prince cut back when he was alone in the studio with a crazy head full of good ideas. This collection of summer songs and late night confessions are filled with unexpected noises and has a critical eye fixated on clouds, unicorns, creepy-crawls, harps, drownings, and saxophones. HNIA songs are filled with sweet dreams and nightmarish visions lined with references to pop culture history, art, and politics.
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His Name Is Alive
song:Go To Hell Mountain
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His Name Is Alive
song:Get Your Curse On (Summer Left…
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