Impossible Shapes: Tum
Impossible Shapes: Tum
Artist Impossible Shapes
Album Tum
Label Secretly Canadian
Released 3/7/2006
Easily the rawest tapes of the Shapes canon, Tum is a potent album, self-produced and directed to articulate a peak without contemporary parallels that easily rides against the sloshed chunks of bland neo-folk/whatevers that adds to the rising murk. As backup in the battle, original member Peter King, Amy Karr (The Mean-agers) and Stefan Gabriel contribute throughout. These 17 songs/moments act like spell casting hot-mouthed barefoot children with gloved fists pounding out the body-shuddering call of all to return, neck-deep, to the earth-cult. Time to carve some bark into a ticket and get in line.

The wide umbrella of activity outside the Impossible Shapes stretches to each member's participation and full-on rolls in The Coke Dares (Essay Records), John Wilkes Booze (Kill Rock Stars), Barth?solo persona NormanOak (Secretly Canadian) and Deer?solo side Horns of Happiness (Secretly Canadian). -- Eric Weddle Boylan Heights, NC