Soul-Junk: 1957
Soul-Junk: 1957
Artist Soul-Junk
Album 1957
Label Sounds Are Active
Released 7/18/2002
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With a concentration on giving hip-hop stretch marks Soul-Junk chime in with their own version of the underground. Skip-hop experimentalism with spastic vocals speaking in tongues. MC's Galaxalag and Slo-Ro have produced a cohesive album of sparkling originality. Building of the scattered catalog that Soul-Junk has accumulated, this new extension finds us squarely in the middle of the verbal freakout with some of the more challenging lyrics in the Soul-Junk compendium.

A logical progression from the critically lauded 1956 this new album is the first under the reign of the two man show of Galaxalag and Slo-Ro. Tracks such as "Horse Posing As Unicorn" with it's familiar sing-song delivery stutters and step over itself with ambient and jutting sounds shooting out your speakers.

The vinyl release of 1957 features hand collaged art work from the group, unique to each record sleeve. Also included in the vinyl release is a silver Soul-Junk sticker with an insert listing all tracks and credits which can also be found below. The CD release features original artwork from Paul Goode.