Mark Eitzel: Candy Ass
Mark Eitzel: Candy Ass
Artist Mark Eitzel
Album Candy Ass
Label Cooking Vinyl
Released 10/4/2005
Much like Alex Chilton of Big Star, Eitzel's solo work is impossible to pigeonhole. You're never sure what you're going to get - save that everything that Eitzel puts his name to has the kite mark of quality songwriting.

Candy Ass picks up the baton from 2001's Invisible Man. Equipped with a laptop, his guitar and a copy of Pro Tools, Eitzel set about filtering his songs through his love of abstract electronica. This is less the spineless clubfriendly beats and guitars of Dido or Everything But The Girl, more the liquid mercury of Aphex Twin or Oval. It carries a greater depth of sound, more rough edges and dirty beats, than the recent Bob Mould explorations into similar territory.

On Make Sure They Hear, the foray into the murky world of electronic textures makes perfect sense. The drum loops, subterranean bass and phased string tones coalesce into a throbbing sonic backdrop. It recalls the bruised and pithy work of My Computer or Junior Boys. The track's dynamics are brilliantly executed. The whispered vocal rises, as the bubbling electronics riefly fade out. Lost in the void his voice charged with emotion as he sings "The day will rise, the sun will come". The beat drops back in. It's the kind of climax that pulses through house music. Here it is stripped bare, reduced to its neutrons and electrons. In its crackle and whine you can glimpse the frayed cables of his robot heart.