Tristeza: A Colores
Tristeza: A Colores
Artist Tristeza
Album A Colores
Label Better Looking Records
Released 11/22/2005
The album will delight both diehard Tristeza fans and the uninitiated alike. Where the band have plainly influenced all kinds of other artists, the new music on A Colores does not rest on laurels. With layers and textures more akin to Boards of Canada and Amon Tobin, tracks like ‘Abrazo Distante' and the atmospheric and hypnotic ‘Cuchillos de Hielo', the album shows that Tristeza are now fulfilling all the hopes we have always had for them. Instead of Lavalle's absence creating a vacuum, Christopher Sprague and Alison Ables' guitar playing is the true secret of this albums success. Melodic and inventive, emotive and inspirational, the guitars sing so eloquently throughout it is nothing less than revelatory.