Signaldrift: Set Design
Signaldrift: Set Design
Artist Signaldrift
Album Set Design
Label Consumers Research & Development Label
Released 10/31/2005
Signaldrift is running on all cylinders for its new full-length on Consumers Research & Development Label, titled "Set Design." "Yellow Leaves" is an uptempo, atmospheric number that balances samples and guitar. "Dutch Assassin" is a post-disco song that combines flutes, strings and a Peter Hook-ish bass line that would fit right into the mid-eighties Factory Records catalog. "De De" and the sprawling "128" prove that Signaldrift wants to see asses moving out on the dance floor.

Make no mistake, Signaldrift is all about the dance music. What makes "Set Design" flow so well are the subtle yet beautiful interludes that link the more danceable tracks together. "...And Yet" begins the record with a simple melody that fades in like a sunrise over a hill. "Undecided" is the missing link between "Yellow Leaves" and "Dutch Assassin," using a backward guitar melody as its base. The closer, "Dripping Angels," could be quite possibly the most beautiful track ever recorded by Signaldrift. "Set Design" is the album for those post-club, late night drives.