Aphex Twin: Hangable Auto Bulb
Aphex Twin: Hangable Auto Bulb
Artist Aphex Twin
Album Hangable Auto Bulb
Label Warp Records
Released 10/31/2005
As vital a historic document as there is in electronic music, the EPs were the very first to introduce the complex, cut-up breaks that have since become synonymous with Aphex Twin's work, from Richard D. James and I Care Because You Do, right through to Drukqs and the Analord series. They have of course also inspired countless other producers in the intervening years.

Originally limited to only a few thousand copies each, the two HAB volumes have become extremely rare collectors’ items, and are arguably the most valuable and sought-after of the entire Warp catalogue. Now they are brought together on a single CD, beautifully packaged by The Designers Republic.