Kiss Me Deadly: Misty Melody
Kiss Me Deadly: Misty Melody
Artist Kiss Me Deadly
Album Misty Melody
Label Alien8 Recordings
Released 10/4/2005
The album is steeped in the sounds of 90's shoegazing, 4AD, and D.C. punk while establishing its own unique style that is anthemic, quirky, and danceable. Musically they bring to mind a number of classic bands such as Echo And The Bunnymen, The Sugarcubes, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and Blonde Redhead. The opening track immediately hooks the listener with its catchy melody, chiming riffs, and ethereal singing. Lead vocals are handled by Emily on the majority of the album and her breathy, beguiling style is especially effective on “Dance 2” and “Dance 1” which are set over palpitating beats and epic, swirling guitars. The other members also make their own vocal contributions to a few tracks, lending a fresh and edgy quality to the record. “Distress Call” brings to mind a more melodic and less progressive Mars Volta while “Let’s” recalls the spirit of early U2. Sophie Trudeau augments the overall sound with contributions on violin. Along with the aforementioned shows with Bloc Party the band have been gigging for several years and have played with Blonde Redhead, Hot Hot Heat, Isis, Les Georges Leningrad, Rainer Maria, Rye Coalition, Pinback, Enon, The Constantines, and The Ponys. They will be touring North America and Europe in support of the new record. This release packaged in our custom card stock jacket that mimics a miniature gatefold record.