Brian McBride: When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
Brian McBride: When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
Artist Brian McBride
Album When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
Label Kranky Records
Released 10/31/2005
When the Detail Lost its Freedom is a recording that sheds light on the notion of "picking up the pieces and moving on." It is a record of Brian McBride "getting it out" in the midst of some overwhelming situations, a recording made during a move from Chicago to Los Angeles. The strong emotions the recording sessions tried to channel do bring a sense of awkwardness here that made it through to the finished product. As McBride describes the recording process: "In retrospect, it probably has to do with some of my weaker moments. Which is all fancy code for: it was therapy during a divorce and a move to a city which thrives on sucking the life of out people's souls." As with Stars of the Lid's recordings there is a synthesis of different instruments ­ or maybe a reinvention through some gross mutation (of different guitars, violins, trumpets, harmonicas)—which then become the pooled tones for extended, and melodic development. What you get are nacreous songs that pack a real emotional wallop, are reminiscent of Stars of the Lid (and lots more), and that earn a space on your shelf all to themselves.