Intuit: The Album
Intuit: The Album
Artist Intuit
Album The Album
Label Compost
Released 5/18/2004
Intuit establish a contact with their ideal candidates for a large format opener in brazil style. To catch the Bahian and bossa flair of “Criança Das Ondas” in an appropriate way, they ask the most flamboyant couple of Brasilian jazz and Música Popular for vocal support: Airto Moreira and Flora Purim. At first, Michael Spiro (“Talking Drums”!) provides a multi-track batucada and Ray Obiedo exclusively flys from San Francisco to L.A. for the production of the vocal section: And here they are, the two adopted Californians, displaying their unmistakable Brazilian voices, backed by Purims daughter Dianna Booker and Sandy Cressman. And it goes without saying that Airto couldn’t help but adding some percussive refinements.

The unique Dean Bowman is the last of the guest vocalists on the album. Bowman usually tours in an avantgarde context (f.ex. Elliott Sharp) but recently won attention through his work with Jane Burnett on her Cuban orientated discs. In “Let It Flee” he unfolds his overwhelming, warm-hearted soul potential – within a generous setting which also leaves enough space for a smooth guitar solo by Obiedo and a witty Moog excursion by Carn.

With Johannes Mössinger Intuit return to their hometown – the Freiburg pianist who plays with Joe Lovano on his latest release “Monk’s Corner”, closes the album with a dreamy outro.

Without a doubt “Intuit – The Album” is an exceptional debut, transforming the glory period of black music into the 21st century with a unique, personal stroke.