Felix Laband: Dark Days Exit
Felix Laband: Dark Days Exit
Artist Felix Laband
Album Dark Days Exit
Label Compost
Released 8/9/2005
"Dark Days Exit" is showing the artificial intelligence and sensitivity of electronica, indie pop, folk, post rock and old school ambience with warm jazz elements, and reminds a bit of French film soundtracks, too. LISTEN CAREFULLY! With its fine subtle electronica and sublime moody electro tingles we think this album is very special. "Like liquid LSD" (Rage /ZA) It touches base to the worlds of Stereolab, Notwist, Console, Plaid or these likes, as well as it please the Compost old school fans, because some people say it reminds them of A Forest Mighty Black, Taran or others say it has the early Kruder & Dorfmeister vibe. Indeed a bit of everything, but unique enough to stay alone as an outstanding album 2005. Both Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister loved the album from the first note and gave us top quotes. The artist is a little star in South Africa, a cool looking and very inspired guy, who had two albums previously released on African Dope Records.
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Felix Laband
song:Whistling In Tongues
album:Dark Days Exit (Compost)
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