Colossus: West Oaktown
Colossus: West Oaktown
Artist Colossus
Album West Oaktown
Label Om Records
Released 10/25/2005
Having in the past supported the likes of Roy Ayers, Fred Wesley, Gil Scott Heron, Don Blackman and James Brown (playing bass in the funk band the Big Cheese Allstars), it's no wonder that Colossus’ bass player/arranger/producer Charlie Tate’s music sounds the way it does. The debut 2xCD on Om: Hip Hop “West Oaktown” is a double release with the original version for the jazz lovers and a remixed version for the hip hop heads. On listening, it's pretty evident where Colossus is coming from…Hip hop, but with a hefty dose of jazz, funk and soul!

Here’s an exclusive remix for Better Propaganda!!!