The Exit: Home For An Island
The Exit: Home For An Island
Artist The Exit
Album Home For An Island
Label Wind-Up Records
Released 10/11/2005
Throughout time, there have been many bands who have boasted their pride for New York with an NYCentric song in their repertoire. Andrew WK's "I Love NYC", the Beastie Boys' "No Sleep Til' Brooklyn", Ryan Adam's "New York, New York" get the picture. Add one more to the list of bands who pay homage to the Big Apple, as "The Sun WIll Rise In Queens" is the newest single from The Exit!

The Exit's re-issue of Home For An Island comes out on October 11th, featuring new songs and some awesome new studio sessions of the material from the original. "The Sun" rose to the challenge and made the cut, and it is one of the three new tracks that are on the latest version of Home.