Jackson And His Computer Band: Smash
Jackson And His Computer Band: Smash
Artist Jackson And His Computer Band
Album Smash
Label Warp Records
Released 10/27/2005
‘Smash’ is Jackson Fourgeaud’s precocious Autumn debut. Magnificent and messy, daring and original, delicious and uninhibited, Smash is the record electronic music fans have been calling out for. Four years to perfect, the long-awaited album by this fresh young French talent is already being heralded by those who’ve heard it as one of the finest debuts in years.

Like a kiss on the lips from a beautiful stranger, ‘Smash’ leaves you reeling, intoxicated. A 50-minute trans-genre audio fantasy rippling with Martian funk and melody-spangled symphonies, ‘Smash’, in the words of its 26-year-old Parisian composer, is "a style orgy, a psychedelic celebration of conflict.” It's a record on which opposites don't just attract, they hurtle, crunch, crash and ooze into one another at exquisite velocity, forging a wild romantic pop hybrid that sounds unlike anything else.