Caroline: Where's My Love
Caroline: Where's My Love
Artist Caroline
Album Where's My Love
Label Temporary Residence LTD.
Released 10/25/2005
Produced by Norway-born Andreas Bjorck, "Where's My Love" sparkles like crystal wind chimes, with Caroline's fragile, angelic voice like a siren's breath against your cheek. Combining minimalist electronic instrumentation, classic arrangements, and vocals that seem supernaturally transparent, "Where's My Love" is virtually autonomous, defying referential impulse. It's the sound of a million tiny shards of recognizable sound (Bjork, Joanna Newsom, Boards of Canada, Portishead, Lali Puna, Sigur Ros, and Aphex Twin, for starters), poured into a totally unique new mold. This is the sound we were waiting for.