Morcheeba: The Antidote
Morcheeba: The Antidote
Artist Morcheeba
Album The Antidote
Label The Echo Label
Released 9/27/2005
Selling over 5 million albums worldwide, the kings of down-tempo, the architects of rhythm, and the only ones who can still make you "chill out" in a good way, MORCHEEBA are finally back with their latest album, The Antidote.

The Antidote is a brand new Morcheeba that's more guitar driven and flaunts late sixties/early seventies influenced tracks. At the core as always, are brothers and founders Paul and Ross Godfrey. The Godfreys are ready to show the world that Morcheeba have grown, but still hold that fresh charisma and talent that have kept them playing strong all these years. Continuing on their rotating cast of lead songbirds, this album features the vocals of Daisy Martey, sounding like the lovechild of Petula Clark and Grace Slick.